The conference will be in three parts, the first part about the problems of our current monetary system, the second part about CBDC, and the third part about alternative systems and different solutions beyond a CBDC. The schedule with more exact times is available here .

First block. Money and banking in the digital age: facts, trends and problems

  1. Current development. How money and banking work in the digital age (both focus on national and international aspects, the hierarchy of money, eurodollars, exchange markets etc). In which direction are the monetary system heading?
  2. Consequences. Drawbacks and advantages of current development.
  3. Panel discussion: are there any problems with today’s money and banking system, and in such a case, exactly how should these problems be understood?


Second block. Proposals for a CBDC

  1. Presentation of different proposals for a CBDC
  2. Clarifying questions to the speakers.

Third block. The future of money and banking: CBDC

  1. Drawbacks and advantages of CBDC.
  2. Panel discussion: How should a CBDC best be designed? Which are the overall consequences for money, banking and the economy? Should the Riksbank implement the e-krona?

Fourth block. Beyond CBDC: are further reforms needed?

  1. Will a CBDC be enough to handle the problems? Will a CBDC cause new problems that need to be handled? What further reforms are needed?
  2. Consequences. Drawbacks and advantages of further reforms.
  3. Panel discussion. Do we need further reforms beyond CBDC?